Procedure to Get Muslim Marriage Certificate in Tamil Nadu Register office:

Documents Required:

1. 4 Set Photo copies of both husband and wife. (passport size)
2. VAO certificate which states I am living so and so address and this is my first marriage. (This is from both side husband and wife) two VAO certificates.
3. Ration Card copy for both
4. Transferred certificate or degree certificate for both
5. Photo ID proof for both (Passport copy, Voter ID, Driving license or affidavit )
6. Nikkah register copy from the Masjid
7. Nikkah invitation (English is better to avoid spelling mistake)
8. Marriage Certificate from the Marriage Mahal (if it’s happened any marriage Mahal)
9. Two witness (one from husband side another one from wife side)
10. Witnesses photo ID proof (Passport copy, Voter ID, Driving license, ration card or affidavit )
11. Two set photo copies for both witnesses
12. Photo ID Proof of Masjid Imam who conducted the marriage and signed in Nikkah register book (Passport copy, Voter ID, Driving license, ration card or affidavit )
13. Application Form for Muslim Marriage Register, mostly it’s available with them or you can get from Xerox shop near to the register office.

Step 1:
First get attestation on each and every document as mentioned the above requirements and make it as comprehensive folder under the Application form.

Fill up the Application form and fix the photos where ever it’s required including two Witnesses photos

Appear together as follows mentioned in front of Sub registrar officer with above mentioned documents including Filled up application form.
1. Husband
2. Wife
3. Two Witnesses (one from husband another one from wife side)

All of them have to present and make signature in front of him and they will give you next appointment (most probably one week from the date of submission) to collect the marriage certificate. You have to be present little bit in advance of your next appointment to collect the marriage certificate and try to check the spelling mistake if there is anything wrong they may correct and give the original certificates.
Message from
Mohamed Idrees.


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