(Bharathi kaavalar K.RAMAMURTHI )

Allah, Allah, Allah !

Many thousands and many thousands of crores

Crores of Macrocosm

In all directions, beyond limitless frontiers

On the cosmic sky

Really very high

For non-stop, regular orbit

Rounds faster

Bestowing the right

He, the supreme light

Thro’ words and mind, none can

Reach the master

He, who is effulgence

Allah, allah, allah !

Though they were learned not, truth tellers not,

Though they were ordinary, performed penance not,

Though  they had not morally stood,

Adhered not the words of the good,

Even though when all came unto Him,

He, whose beningnance

Always dear and near

Destroys the death fear.

Allah, Allah, Allah !


( This poem based on the Tamil poem written by Poet – Patriot of India Subramania Bharathi )


1881 – 1921 Tamilnadu

At the southern corner at a village Pottalputhur on 20th June 1920.



Note :

Bharathi Kaavalar Dr K Ramamurth presently in Dubai

He can be reached on 04 – 357 4078

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